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  • Rekha

    November 18, 2021 at 7:05 AM

    With the recent technological advancements, everyone is leaning towards buying products online based on the client’s feedback. I strongly agree with the above statement and think that customer evaluation plays a prominent role in the products that are purchased through the internet.

    First of all, I truly believe that consumer’s comments would make an online purchaser’s life easy to make decision. As it provides the information that the buyer is looking for is readily available through the reviews as it contains one’s opinion on the product which explains whether the product has met their expectation or not, details on the quality, and the rating given to a product. This would not only expose one’s feedback but also the consumer would get all the required information such as the quality, durability, information on material, cost comparisons which would finally make it easy to make the decision. Furthermore, making online purchases would save a lot of travel time, energy, cost, and within the comfort of home.

    In contrast, if a person plans to buy the product in-store that would accompany a lot of hassle in various ways. For example, the person would need to travel to the store to buy the product which includes effort, cost, and time. Not only but also if they change their mind or opinion returning the product would be difficult. Whereas, online shopping would eliminate the disappointment of the product as the reviews already provided some idea on the expectation of the product. In addition, return requests are easy and the purchaser can do the comparison of the same product on various sites based on the shopper’s comments.

    To conclude, I would encourage people to make an online purchase through the analysis done by the previous consumers. As the data provided under the review session delivers all the data that a purchaser is looking to buy a product.

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