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  • Jitendra

    November 18, 2021 at 12:32 PM

    The way information is disseminated and consumed has been revolutionized by the internet, but many problems are created because of that which were not sited earlier. This essay will discusses both problems associated with this and probable solutions.

    One of the first and foremost problem of internet is hacking of critical information like government security information and international airport passengers information. For example, in 2009, full control board of international airport of England was hacked, as result airport was closed for almost 5 hours and many passengers were suffered. Another major problem is breach of privacy of people through different social media. For instance, many news are published regarding the personal details are leaked through social media platform and that leads to mental disorders to many people. Therefore, careful actions should be taken to control these problems.

    In my opinion, the best solution of these solutions are, firstly government should make stringent cyber security regulations and it should be implemented and monitored very carefully. For instance, after implementing such law in United Arab Emirates in 2014, they found that there is greater improvement in security system. Secondly, every individual should be very careful while posting any information especially on social media at the same time they should make a habit of checking privacy setting which definitely help not to disclose any sensitive informations.

    In conclusion, however there are many problems associated with internet thesedays, these can be overcome by implementing strict cyber security policy by government and by checking privacy setting before posting any information to social media by individual.

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