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  • Gayathri

    November 19, 2021 at 5:07 PM

    Contemporary world is witnessing drastic changes in the ways of communication after the advent of internet. Owing to this, a lot of problems are being created and there should be appropriate methods to tackle such emerging issues. This essay will through light upon such problems and the possible solutions to each.

    First of all problems, there is an absolute breach in the privacy of an individual in any platforms of the internet since the applications are using and selling individual data to third parties. Why? because, any media which is available in the internet asks a person’s personal details and location upon signing up in that application, which they share with a lot of other platforms. For example, an incident was reported in 2019, when facebook shared information of its more than 500 million subscribers to another party. Moving further to another issue which is, hacking and fraudulent activities over the internet which has emerged recently. That is, with the use of personal credentials, any application can loot an individual’s money or other valuables as these days even banking is possible online.

    With regards to remedies, at the individual level, people can go through the privacy settings and terms and conditions while using any sites. Moreover, governments should take necessary actions and amend laws regarding cyber crimes along with strengthening of existing cyber police wing. Then, more laws and stringent punishments should be implemented to prevent poeple commiting crimes using the internet. To cite an instance, in Kerala, the southern state of India, in 2019, there was massive looting of money from different individuals which was tracked by the cyber cell and the criminal was penalised appropriately.

    To conclude, as there are novel problems due to widespread use of internet, there should be more laws and also existing laws can be reinforced. People should be warned of fraudulent websites and should be asked to abstain from such sites on the internet.

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