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  • Rekha

    November 24, 2021 at 4:53 AM

    The world population is tremendously increasing which is arousing the issue of how to feed all the people, there is a lot of debate between government officials and local people on who is responsible to ensure everyone has enough food to consume. Few people debate that it is GM foods organization responsibility to provide the best solution in order to fix the problem. Whereas, the essay below disagrees with the statement of having one single organization come up with a plan that affects the entire world.

    Undoubtedly, one single company called “GM foods” cannot fix the problem of feeding the world population. It definitely needs the government’s involvement and has to work with each other. Government has to propose and implement the plans which help in generating more food and enhancing the agricultural methods. In fact, the government has to come up with schemes that encourage farming such as providing necessary loans with low-interest rates and equipment that would develop the make the farming easy and knowledge on the latest cultivation methodologies to the farmers. For example, the Vietnam government has promoted cultivation by giving zero percent interest loans to all the framers in their country and they have noticed significant growth in cultivation from 25% to 62% within 5 years. Not only one single country but every country has to develop similar programs so that there would be more cultivation of food which in turn provides enough food to all the people with the growing population.

    Clearly, we need to build similar companies like GM foods that could help in resolving the issue. If we are dependent on a single company then we would be more dependent and if that company is facing some hardship in the transportation of goods or with financial crisis then the entire population of the country would suffer from lack of food. Hence, if we have multiple companies that produce and deliver food then we would not be dependent on a company and people can have more reliable options to receive the food. Therefore, more industries that supply food materials need to be developed all over the world.

    To conclude, I would definitely disagree with expecting GM foods to provide the most feasible solution. It’s the responsibility of both the food companies and government to work and co-ordinate with each other to resolve a problem like this which would impact the entire world.

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