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  • Rutul

    November 25, 2021 at 5:41 PM

    In this contemporary world, advertisement has a major effect on buying habits of consumers. It is often considered that enticing advertisement leads to unnecessary purchase of goods, while some believe that advert guide to buying the best product from vast ranges. Before I assert my decision this essay discuss both viewpoints in detail.

    In this digital era, gripping advertisements encourage insatiable people to procure unwanted things. A barrage of an advertisement on various digital platforms often misguides to buy unnecessary things. To illustrate, a recent article from a marketing magazine present a case study, where the sales of product triple-fold after various advertisement campaign at sports events in the Asia region. The company hires a leading researcher to design the advert that impacts the subconscious, thereby hampering purchasing decisions. Various business strategies like discounts, buy 1 get 1 often perplexed one’s decision and turn into the procurement of unwanted things.

    On the other hand, advertisement has a plethora of benefits and provides vital information regarding the product. An enormous amount of products introduces in the market every single day, and it is impossible for one to have relevant information regarding the products, where this advert formed a solid base to promote the product. For example, advertisements of subsidies on solar panels from the government on various advertisement platforms like TV, Radio, and Newspaper alter the purchasing trend, thereby many people get benefitted. Advertisements allow consumers to make informed decisions, hence improving their lifestyle.

    From the above, I strongly agree with the latter statement that advertisement add quality to life by taking meticulous & informed decision.

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