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  • Shilpa

    November 26, 2021 at 7:01 AM

    In General , this fast paced modern world gets the attention of consumers through adverts and via that corporates gain the attention through millions worth promotion and profits , mainly all these lead to advertisements, furthermore common men gets lured in by the tactics and in result we purchase a lot of goods we might not be needed or useful for ourselves. These quite unconventional ways of multinational companies make us believe and trust their products ,without analyzing as for the consequences we tend to get to become the proud owners of unwanted products or installment plans .

    Firstly , the products or services which we bought might not be through traditional selling methods nowadays it’s quite risky to do shopping from the market or street shop due to that we depend on the new age modern technique of online shopping or ECommerce, we think we save money and time, apparently that’s not the case, while we go through the products which we need we might stumble upon some other products as well and as a result we buy them due to our insatiable tendencies. For example, while going through the app we might buy a handbag online and after some surfing we realize the same bag and there’s other apparels in combo offer ,and we buy them without realizing the real need.

    Secondly, these promotions and services take a U turn when they are expensive we might get into the trouble of installments or debts, which was avoidable but due to the greed we got lured in and in addition to that ,we lose money and clarity. People tend to take up a lot of credits with credit cards which will only become burdensome for us,For ex: celebrity promotions on apps and services which lure their fan following and by thus we get the products attention and we buy them eventually.

    So in conclusion ,my stand is that we need to analyze and segregate the needs and avail these services or goods, rather jump on the corporate schemes and fall for those advertisements or promotions, by restricting false informations would give the consumers some clarity on what the products are and it’s specifications and whether it is useful or not.

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