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  • hari

    November 27, 2021 at 3:39 PM

    The environment has been deteriorating due to the negligence of mankind. While some argue that the onus lies on government, others believe that it can be only protected when each individual feels it as a moral responsibility. This essay will argue both views in depth and finally share the logical opinion.

    On one hand, Government has the obligation to protect the environment since it has specific departments allocated to safeguard various realms of the environment. A good illustration of this is: Municipal department has the right to demolish buildings if the buildings were to be constructed by encroaching ponds and forestry. However, if the government abandons their moral duty, the common people have a lesser role to play to safeguard the environment. Therefore, the government should ensure strict implementation of guidelines in place.

    On the other hand, even if the government were to take a plethora of measures to protect nature, it cannot be maintained in the long run to the negligence of human activities. For instance, despite having waste garbage bins in the vicinity of restaurants, hardly do people throw refuse in them. As a result, the waste goes into the landfill and has detrimental effects for generations to come. Thus, the prevention of destructive measures by every individual is the first step to saving our mother nature.

    Taking both views into consideration, although it is the governments’ duty to protect mother nature, protecting the environment can only be achieved when each individual can act diligently. Therefore, the initiation from the public would only be a preferred alternative.

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