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  • ahmet

    November 28, 2021 at 11:19 PM

    Some scholars argue that youngsters ought to participate in activities arranged with their peers whereas other scholars consider individual activities to be more beneficial in order to bring up more skilled generations. It is agreed that children can discover their interests and talents through group events. This essay will discuss firstly, the influence of individual events on kids and secondly, the benefits of group activities; followed by a well-reasoned conclusion.

    To begin with, allowing children to enjoy their leisure time alone and without any interference might help them develop relatively more independent personalities whereas this may lead to them adopting an isolated lifestyle and thus feeling excluded from society. This way, they are prone to obtain detrimental behaviors and addictions such as drug abuse, smoking addiction, and sexual diseases. Moreover, all children require to be guided by experienced adults to find the right path in their lives however, they are very likely to make the wrong choices in their careers and relationships without the essential guidance and associations.

    Conversely, encouraging youth to attend activities organized with a group of people will be substantially beneficial for their career and future life. Youngsters can learn how to become decent members of society and improve their interpersonal and teamwork skills by interacting with people having different lifestyles and cultural backgrounds as well as discovering their interests. A recent report in “The Times” stated that the students who received education in pre-schools, where kids can get involved with various events, achieve better results in business than those who started school later. Therefore, it can obviously be seen that kids should be motivated to be a part of a certain organization where they can socialize and take responsibility to develop better skills.

    In conclusion, while some think that allowing youth to enjoy their free time without assistance should be encouraged in order that they become more independent, involving in organized activities will result in a better career and family life for them.

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