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  • jose joy

    December 3, 2021 at 7:16 AM

    Arts and crafts are perceived to be an integral part of academics while others consider this as a fool’s errand. The arts help in the development of creativity and mental growth of the children.

    Arts and crafts help in the mental growth of kids development and induce creativity and imagination. Art can be of any form music, drawing, dancing, etc. anything that induces creativity. This will provide the children with tools in the arsenal of his life, to become great leaders and the one who inspires others. If you take the life of Great Davinci, he is a person of intrigue and inspiration who has dabbled in arts at a very young age. His creativity ran wild and was one of the pioneers who merged science and arts into a single form.

    On the other hand, many argue that learning arts are a wasteful errand and it should be time spent elsewhere. They argue that this will not prepare for them their future as this does not prepare for their primary career skill. You can see a lot of struggling artists who are trying to get their big break, and their numbers are staggering. During my childhood, I used to visit a local art studio for art lessons, I could see a person who is struggling in life but has endorsed art in his life, trying to make a break in his passion.

    In conclusion, Arts should be considered as a vital part of every educational curriculum as it enhances creativity, although it can be seen from another viewpoint as a waste of time.

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