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  • Shanthala

    December 7, 2021 at 10:26 AM

    Academic excellence in students at school is based on their performance. It is proven that students when praised and rewarded, perform better. However, on the negative aspects, students can fail in their studies when harassed and punished. I completely agree with the former statement.

    Firstly, the capability of each student differs. Owing to cut throat competition, to get into good schools and colleges to shape up their bright future, obtaining great academic record is very crucial for every student. This creates immense pressure on student’s mental health. Therefore, students not only with low grasping power, when motivated with rewards and mentored methodically can achieve remarkable results in their academics. Elders must create support system and accolade students with the words of appreciation and buy them gifts of their choice and toys for their achievement. This brings lot of positivity and motivation to perform better in student’s future grades and creates positive mind frame. For an instance, my friend’s son was rewarded with XBOX playing station for having achieved 95% in his 10th grade exams. He is now aiming to achieve better in his 12th grade.

    On the contrary, some parents and institutions follow strict discipline with certain set of guidelines for students to follow mandatorily, With this, they believe, will bring great results in students performance. However, some set of students who are well pampered at home or weak hearted, cannot handle this pressure and feel that they are being tortured with that strict environment. Additionally, students feel demotivated when punished. To quote an example, my class teacher hit my friend on her knuckles when she did not complete her homework. With this humiliation, she got fever and was admitted to hospital.

    To conclude, rewards gives recognition and motivates students to perform better in their academics. Where as, students when punished are demotivated and loose interest in doing basic things in their life and turn suicidal.

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