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  • Kenya

    December 7, 2021 at 11:24 AM

    Nowadays , when students perform well in schools they are rewarded. This is a better way than punishment when they do wrong things in school.I completely agree with this opinion and think that giving rewards is far better than punishment as it motivates to children.

    There are many reasons that i agree that rewarded is a greater than punished.First of all , punishing any children is very wrong as it can leads a child to lack of confidence. A child can loose all of his power of doing things. Moreover, due to punishment it can effect a child mentally which is very incorrect in growing age. Even punishing can hurt physical health of kids, due to which families and kids have to face several difficulties. In addition to it, student who have punished in school they try to avoid going back again as they fell afraid and embarrassed.

    Another reason is also that In smaller age children are always in need of love and pamper, when they have rewarded for completing there home work it motivates them more. Finally, they can get higher grades which cause them more confident. Furthermore, adults can also encourage students how they can impress teacher with work and good attitude and inform them about many advantages they have in school.For instance child gets more intreasted in their work and try to copy good things for getting more rewards.

    In conclusion, i finally believe that rewards are more beneficial than punishing. as every likes to get a reward which always pushes them towards happiness and they become feel proud of them selves in childhood.

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