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  • Shivani

    December 9, 2021 at 2:57 PM

    In today’s world advertising is a key feature for every business. Any product can be provoke customers to buy no matter if they need it or not it is with a use of advertisement. Increasing use of Digital marketing is making it even more convenient. This essay completely agrees with the concept that good customers pass on their good feelings to others. In this article, we will look at the reasons why certain people are easily persuaded by certain things, as well as whether consumers buy what they need or what has received positive evaluations.

    To begin with, some people enjoy being followers and are easily persuaded to change their thoughts, which can be used as a target by a firm to encourage them to purchase items from a website or a store. For example a brand name Mama earth was recently launched it is a skincare brand they choose Instagram influencers to promote their product and within months every household had one of their products. Hence this shows that adverting their product on the right platform had a huge impact on sales.

    Second, many people, including adults, are influenced by positive ratings and remarks about certain products, which motivates them to purchase it. For example the high charges could be a marketing to show that the product is worth selling. The general people as a whole has to be more aware of how to save money and time without being easily influenced.

    Finally, good products do not need advertising in order to be presented. It is sure that we live in a time where social media and advertising had a huge impact on consumers decision making towards a product.

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