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  • Ambika

    December 10, 2021 at 1:28 PM

    Advertising the product in the market is not a new concept from the old era. It is still attracting the people and they buy the product either it is useful or not to them. I am convinced that the new product would balance our life and understand the technology well to lead our lives.

    Firstly, the concept of promoting the new things that it shows the value of the product, development of technology, and of course to increase the demand for the particular product. While if one advertisement recommends a new device to procure, it would elicit new technology with new concepts to improve living standards. For instance, the household things such as grinder machine, mixer, gas stove, bread toaster, etc., Before a decade, women had experienced difficulty in making rice flour and a mixture of spices paste for cooking. After introducing new products with technology, the difficulties were reduced, and started to concentrate on their empowerment.

    Furthermore, it depends upon the people’s perception that whether the product is useful to them or not. Though an advertisement encourages us to buy, it does not persuade us to buy the recommended one. An advertisement, market the product and target the customer. Insatiable customers would never procure the materials though it is cut corners. It has the change features right from the human to animals and all the creatures in the world too.

    To summarise, advertisements play a vital role in our daily life. Change always be there which we must accept by seeing the human life cycle. Hence in my conclusion, certainly, adapting to the new product or technology would improve human lives which advertisement does by recommending the things.

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