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  • Mahesh

    December 10, 2021 at 3:17 PM

    In recent years, digitization has become an essential part of our lives, and it has affected every part of our lives, including our tendency to understand. While an increasing number of people prefer to read news online, it has been argued that newspapers will continue to be the basic source of information and data. I disagree with this view. In my opinion, reading papers is a habit and later individuals will move to computerized news.

    There are many benefits of reading news on the web. The main advantage of online news is that it is up-to-date and convenient to read. Conventional papers are refreshed only once per day, yet their internet-based versions are updated continuously. Additionally finding data online is easy as anyone can undoubtedly see any topic and refresh the moment by entering a keyword. Furthermore, computerized news is easy to read and attractive because news seekers does not need to turn pages in paper to find information.

    In addition, Online news can be accessed for free or at a minimal cost, whereas traditional newspapers are costlier than their digital versions. For instance, the monthly subscription fee of most newspapers is more than Rs. 250, which makes them at least 80-90% costlier than e-newspapers. Last but not least, people around the globe understood the impact newspapers have on the environment, whereas online press does not require any paper or ink to publish. Hence, it is considered as eco-friendly.

    To summarise, People are love to read traditional newspapers. However, considering the advantages of digital news, I strongly believe that people will leave their habit, and switch to online news, which will become the primary source of information in the near future.

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