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  • Mamta

    December 10, 2021 at 7:47 PM

    As the population of the world is increasing, the biggest problem is how to feed the people. It is believed by some that GM foods are a good option to tackle this problem. In my opinion, GM foods can solve the problems of food shortage as they can grow in any weather conditions and they also have rich nutritional values.

    To begin with, there are many advantages to growing these genetically modified crops. First and foremost, they are extra resistant to weather conditions such as flood and drought. As a result, these can be grown anywhere at any time in the year. For example, initially apples can be found in the most northern part of the country but now they can be found in the northern part as well, as they do not require any specific temperature or location to grew in. Secondly, they are cost effective and usually cheaper than the normal crops because they can be produced in the same amount using less land, less water or less pesticides. Because farmers can save on resources, food producers can also charges lower price for genetically modified foods. In some cases, the cost of the foods such as soybeans, corn etc may be cut by 15-30 %.

    Furthermore, these foods are rich in more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals since they are modified by scientists. So, they are beneficial in those areas where people suffer from nutritional deficiency. They can reduce the usage of pesticides as they have been altered to less vulnerable to insects and pets. Instead of having to be sprayed with a complex pesticide, these come with an innate pesticide. In a recent survey, it found that usages of pesticides reduced by 10 % as compared to the last ten years. Because of less pesticides, these crops may lead to less health risks for people eating them.

    To conclude, I agree, GM foods are useful to feed the growing population. They are good for a healthy lifestyle and also increase the yields in the country as they do not need any specific requirements related to weather or location. GM crops technology play a vital role to combat food scarcity for the reason that we can increase crop productions easily with cost effective methods.

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