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  • Mamta

    December 13, 2021 at 11:54 PM

    It is believed by some that to learn national or international news the best way is the newspaper, while others consider that we can get to know about the news in a better way through media, TV or other applications. This essay will discuss both views and explain why in my opinion, the latter view is the best way.

    To begin with, newspapers are a good source to get all different kinds of information in one place. We can find local, international, business, and sports news in one place, which can also enhance our vocabulary related to those sections. Newspapers are liable as a result, most elderly people love to read it with their morning tea. Moreover, elderly people are unfamiliar with the usage of electronic gadgets that’s why they find newspapers are easy to use and more convenient.

    On the other hand, there are a plethora of other platforms to get news. These are TVs, radios and many other applications that provide news on a real basis. Because of the internet, the audience can learn news in a few minutes and it gets updated as well. For example, today India won the Miss Universe title after 21 years, so we can see this news on all other media platforms just after it occurred. People do not need to wait for tomorrow to read it in the newspaper as it is already available on the internet today itself. Secondly, these sources are very handy, people can use them anywhere and anytime and the news are just away from a click.

    In conclusion, newspapers have many benefits and it is undeniable that they might provide lots of information for readers but in my opinion, televisions, radios and the internet play a crucial role to update people with the latest information as these are the fastest way to get news.

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