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  • Rekha

    December 14, 2021 at 5:26 AM

    Arts is a wide range of human activity that withholds the integrity and culture of a nation. Some argue children need to be inculcated with art sessions from an early age whereas others think that would be a wastage of time and wouldn’t help with career. In the essay below, I will discuss both views as well as provide my view on why I think it is important for children to attend art classes during schooling.

    Many people assume that encouraging kids to attend art class will distract their focus on education. Especially, when a child allocates time on extracurricular activities such as dancing, painting classes, and learning musical instruments which requires them to take some time out of their daily schedule. Thus, many parents think it would be diverting their focus from core subjects and preparation time towards these art classes which will result in fewer scores. To add, there was a friend of mine who used to score 75% in every exam has dropped his score to 60% after initiating dance classes.

    However, some parents encourage their kids to attend the art classes at their school as they believe that their children would manage both education and extra-curricular activities. They believe that art sessions will enhance their mood, creativity, and works as stress busters from their hectic academic schedule. Furthermore, not every kid would be talented on the same subject, allowing them to explore various activities will allow finding out their strengths as well as the culture can be carried forwarded. For example, there was a survey conducted by Harvard University among 100 students who are at age of 10, children who were encouraged on their interest’s performance rate in their academics improved by 35% when compared to ones that were forced to study.

    In conclusion, it is essential to have kids allocate some limited time on arts along with their basic education which will allow them to develop their creativity and gain knowledge on arts which will be given to future generations.

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