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  • Azra

    December 15, 2021 at 3:00 AM

    Children perform well when they are motivated in schools by rewarding them instead, of punishment. Nowadays ,majority of educational institutes have adopted this change. In order to help students to improve there performance, in academics .I Totally agree with the above statement.

    However, school is known as second home of a children ,where they spend half of a day with teachers and friends. Moreover ,teachers plays an important role for every pupils in school ,who are future citizens. Every word that teacher talks to them will affect their behaviors and their lives in the future. For example, if students received a reward for doing good in exams ,this will give positive energy to them. Anyhow it help to work hard more to get higher grades. Hence, topper have lots of advantages when they are in search of jobs ,better positions, good respect, etc. And welcomed everywhere, in society.

    Another reason is punished cause negative impact in childhood .For instance, student who are send for detention in order to punish them ,will lower there interest in studies as well in attending the school .This may create to lack in there performance, which automatically lower there grades. Furthermore, they are growing up to be an adults they will not have enough knowledge, which affect them in there future ,specially when there go out in search of better professional jobs.

    In conclusion , I personally believe that reward is more beneficial than punish . Everyone like rewards, which enthusiast them to achieve higher goals in there life.

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