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  • Elena

    December 17, 2021 at 1:44 AM

    In metropolitan cities, one of the biggest issues is traffic jam.The main reason for this is increasing number of motor vehicles , while public transition is in the worst condition and reliable solution is add tax .

    Analysing the statement, it is clearly seen , as population grows , the number of cars is growing as well, travelling by a car is more flexible and convenient to people’s lifestyle, weekly household shopping, for instance .it would be more convenient to use your own car instead of a public transportation which might be overcrowded and not available for the entire day . Furthermore, another obstacle is there is no restrictions around auto purchases.Everyone can buy a car as long as he has revenue for it. For example , if a big city has about million people and each of them own the car , so there would be a million automobiles on the roads which cause traffic jam .

    The possible solution for this may be the promotion of car sharing schemes which will cost effective and it will motivate people to use fewer cars. Also ,by improving public transportation ,for instance, reduce fare and more frequency of buses and trains will encourage people use it more . Furthermore , adding more cycle lanes will also inspire people to use bicycles instead of cars . And what might help it is adding tax for vehicle , it would lead to reconsider if they really need an auto.

    In conclusion, the increasing amount of ownership vehicles and awful public transportation is always responsible for the huge traffic jams in big cities .However ,by improving public transportation by the governments will provide solution to reduce congestions .

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