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  • Mamta

    December 17, 2021 at 12:27 PM

    In every school, money management should be included in the curriculum because it is a good skill to become successful in life. I completely agree with this statement as it will teach children how to budget their money and effectively use it in their later life.

    To start with, Money management is a very important technique that can be useful in everyone’s life. If it starts at a very young age in high schools, students get to know its importance and can easily implement it in their daily life. Nowadays, each and every child gets pocket money , so they can use this skill and budget their money. By doing so, Children can do a good practice and do not misuse the money. This habit will prove to be beneficial in their future businesses or jobs.

    Moreover, just by learning the financial management they can understand how to spend their income and where to spend for good return. In future they could become renowned businessmen. If proper guidance or money handling is included in school curriculum, youngsters avoid the situation where they use all their income and do not save a few pennies for bad days. For example, those students who know the importance of money management can save enough money to help their parents in their higher education expenses.

    To conclude, because financial planning classes are crucial for them, they should be provided these lessons in schools. In such a way they realise its value at an early age that would be beneficial for them in their future while doing money planning.

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