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  • Kenya

    December 23, 2021 at 10:30 AM

    Shopping in essential for everyone living in this world. Some people do it for their basic needs, while others in several developed countries consume it for their comfort and entertainment. This essay will argue about the detrimental effect of unnecessary shopping on the human bodies as well as on their financial savings.

    Firstly, shopping is a fulfilling experience as it provides satisfaction and entertain to our mind wether its for essential house hold items or unnecessary things.Some people are shopaholic ,they are used to buy certain unnecessary item as they are influenced from advertisements. Moreover they have enough savings so they spent their money on branded unwanted things to show off or for their comfort and lavish lifestyle. For example a normal branded car have almost all necessary features for comfort and safety however, many prefer high segment cars like Mercedes and BMW.

    Secondly , shopping unwanted items gives a huge impact on person funds In addition to that , people who cant afford luxuries items commit crime to copy them. Moreover such person gets depressed.Person addapting shopping as hobby is not beneficial at all as It dose not develop person physically or intellectually, if we compare it with activities like sports or reading.

    In conclusion, people should only shop for necessary items not for worth less products. Moreover people should always be aware of advertisements as they change persons mind totally and pushes them towards buying unwanted products. People should follow more constructive ways to spend their free time.

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