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  • Falak

    December 24, 2021 at 9:26 AM

    long term mental and economic impact of (on) the individual

    B.P1 would have been more convincing if it has followed Specific to general explanation

    , if a product is necessary and will it make money in the future for them if we see celebrities buying lavish objects, it in itself (sentence structure / punctuation needs to consider to add more clarity)

    Spending money unnecessarily on unwanted items will reduce the wealth and in time of emergency will lead a person scrambling for finances. (as) the people who are more impacted by this are people (those) who are not super wealthy (affluent), which makes up the majority of a countries population. (at some points, I felt conjunctions and cohesive devices are required)

    one (one’s) health mentally and financial

    Band: 3.5/6

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