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  • dipti

    December 24, 2021 at 9:18 PM

    It is often discussed that an individual, particularly a students performance improves when he or she is praised rather than criticized. I am completely in favor of keeping an induvial moral high rather than punishing for a poor task.

    Firstly, if a student is constantly being told off for a task that is not done upto satisfaction he may feel a sense of fear and shame, this will eventually lead him or her to become frantic and unable to perform. If such a situation arises it will cause a mental trauma for the student and he will never be able to give his best.

    Furthermore, a student is like a clay and he can be molded. If a student is constantly rebuffed for not performing well he will become compliant and assume that the only end outcome of a poor task will be a punishment, he will never be motivated to work hard and get good results. On the other hand if an individual is spoken with love and reward they can always feel content and strive to work harder.

    I would like to conclude by saying that punishment is not the answer to getting the best out of a child but it can be done with rewards in terms of compliments and love.

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