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  • dipti

    December 25, 2021 at 3:39 AM
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    I cannot deny that in my lifetime I have observed the extensive use of newspapers and magazines as source of information and news to the current time where we extensively rely on our phone and tabs to attain information about current happenings around the world.

    With the advent of internet the world was revolutionized and this also affected how news was circulated around the world. As internet become more readily available and prices of electronic devices dropped along with increase in purchasing power of people there was rapid change in needs. As a result, this need was eventually met by bringing news and information to everyone at the tip of finger by various news apps. Audio e books which are available for every book on this planet are particularly helpful for children and reluctant readers. This also rids the burden of carrying heavy books to office & college because we can easily carry everything on a laptop or tablet. In fact the move from paper medium to electronic medium has also saved us from environmental pollution as producing papers need abundant resources.

    Although we are dependent on Ebooks and modern technology there is a big percentage of population who still enjoy reading their daily newspaper for leisure. Similarly many people particularly elderly are not very comfortable with use of phones and tablets and prefer to get their daily dose in a conventional way. Despite of Ebooks etc one cannot deny the marvelous experience of turning a thick sheet of glossy paper revealing latest trend of markets.

    In conclusion I would like to say that that tough ebooks and modern technology is here to stay and is need of the hour we will still need the traditional newspaper and magazine in the coming years.

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