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  • Elena

    December 26, 2021 at 6:12 PM

    The two given diagrams illustrate the necessary steps and materials used for both cement and concrete production processes .

    Overall, it is clearly seen that , the cement production involves some complex stages , while concrete production is done by using just cement , water , sand and gravel in concrete mixer .

    The first diagram shows that , limestone and clay are crushed into a powder form, after that, the powder goes into a mixer . Then it passed via rotating heater with the supporting fire in the end of mechanism . After heating step, the powder turns into a paste which is passed to grinder machine to create the cement . Finally , this cement becomes ready to packed in bags.

    The second diagram depicts the process where all the main components such as 15% of cement , 10% of water , 25% of sand and 50% of gravel are mixed together in a huge machine to create concrete .

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