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  • Mansi

    December 27, 2021 at 11:13 PM

    With the advent of technology, more and more kids are now attracted towards video games rather than indulging in physical activities. It is frequently argued that outdoor interaction has a crucial role in a child’s development. This essay will state the benefits of physical activity as well as the role of improving technology in a student’s overall maturity.

    Physical activities are considered to be conducive for development of whole body. On one hand, It leads to strengthening of muscles and bones while on the other hand social interaction with individuals of same age group brings out cognitive enhancement. For example, more and more kids are now susceptible to obesity due to lack of play-ground games. Thus, involvement in some form of outdoor activity in vital in proper upbringing.

    However, playing video games has its own benefits. Kids become technologically more advanced, moreover they learn to share their belongings and also, they are protected from ferocious outdoor games. For instance, when both the parents are working, elder sibling involve their younger ones in some indoor activities like video games or brain-storming sessions which not only increase their bonding but also malleates their young brain into sharp minds. In this way, playing computer games improves mental growth.

    To conclude, this essay argued the pros and cons of play ground fun as well as virtual games in a child’s development. In my opinion physical activity develops a healthy body and video games can bring out a healthy mind when both are balanced with each other. Lack of one or the other hampers the overall development.

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