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  • jose joy

    December 28, 2021 at 9:45 AM

    We can see a trend were in, people are consuming their food from various parts of the world rather than traditional cuisine. There are many contributing facts for this increasing trend, the most important one being globalization. I see this as a good development as variety is always good.

    This trend is exuberated due to globalization and global networks. As seen a lot of Dine-ins is being opened which serves international food. Due to globalization, a lot of global brands are opening their eateries everywhere. It has turned to a lifestyle statement due to influences from media advertisement, social media, and foreign travelers. There are a lot of international food programs from channels like Travel and living, with shows like MasterChef, which showcases talents, that inspires a chef in us, A lot of raw materials, that was previously unknown to us is now available that fuel the ignited flame. Global networks enable trading and advertising a walk in the park, these make raw materials accessible. Big examples of this include fast-food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway opening in every nook and corner.

    This trend can be considered as a good development since variety is considered beneficial for health. There is historical evidence supporting this, British monarchs had always lived longer than commoners, many might argue this is due to better health care, but it is seen that they seldom get sick, historians argue this is mainly due to the variety of foods sourced from various colonies around the world. Now due to disappearing borders, you need not be a monarch to have a better quality of food and cuisines.

    In conclusion, globalization has allowed us to enjoy more varied food from around the globe, benefiting our health, and I think this trend is only getting more and more prominent as national boundaries are blurring with each passing time.

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