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  • Elena

    December 30, 2021 at 1:37 AM

    Nowadays, in many modern nations , consumerism is not only about buying important products for daily needs to survive, it is also seen as form of entertainment and comfort. This essay will argue that it is a negative development because , even though it effects an economy , it is affect a person mentally and intellectually .

    Firstly, people who take leisure time in purchasing items cling their satisfaction from the objects they obtained .Very often people purchase a lot of unnecessary things that then gather dust . Hence , then all of this accumulated products turn out to be a waste of money and also take people away from more meaningful and beneficial activities such as travelling , creating arts and crafts or playing sports. For instance , people would prioritize buying the latest gadgets even though they still have a functioning one.

    Secondly, nowadays marketing and advertising companies developing more and more ways and tools to promote their goods , so people will want to buy more respectively. Also,by buying more unnecessary things , it negatively affects the environment and air pollution. For example , the higher buyers order , the more the factories produce harmful smoke , which leads to an environmental problems.

    In conclusion, in the first world countries shopping now is the new way of entertainment , I believe that for the most part it creates a negative effect , especially for the environment . Shopping should be for fulfilling our necessity, not for our personal pleasure.

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