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  • Shreya

    January 3, 2022 at 3:30 PM

    With the ever increasing population comes the problem of food availability to the masses. Scientists and agriculturists have come up with a solution. They believe that genetically modified food can cater to this problem. I, herby present my argument in the favor of genetically modified foods.

    To begin with, genetically modified foods are foods whose DNA has been modified in the laboratories. Since the population is on the rise, land has now become a scarce resource, here genetically modified food helps. Genetically modified foods can be grown on any land, favorable or unfavorable, under any adverse weather conditions. Genetically modified crops are also resistant to the use of pesticides and insecticides, which means better quality of food. People in cold countries like Antarctica can now enjoy foods that are grown in tropical countries like India.

    Furthermore, these are genetically processed in laboratories, they are high and rich in nutrients. Such food can be made tastier by adding certain flavors, encouraging more and more people to taste it and get all the nutrients and better taste. To keep the demand and supply in balance for food, genetically modified foods are preferable, since they have a high yield, thereby larger production to feed the growing population, keeping the supply-demand in balance.

    To conclude, I agree that genetically modified foods is the viable solution to cater to the increasing population because of there wider availability during anytime of the year and anywhere.

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