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  • shivam

    January 4, 2022 at 2:06 PM

    me people thinks that going to a university is more successful while others thinks that getting job after school is important.

    Firstly, going to a university provides you more knowledge about the education field you choose. Like if you want to be a doctor then you have to be studying MBBS and in today’s world because of rising competition you have to specialized in that field.

    While looking for job after school gives you more experience and pratical skills than just theoretical. And secondly you can be independent rather than relying on parents financially. Like Elon Musk said that studing in school gives enough education to deal with practical life.

    So it can be either depending on your choices but according to me it is safe you complete a degree in a field, as it gives you a vast knowledge to the field and it gives you more earning and job opportunity.

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