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  • Sakshi

    January 6, 2022 at 7:18 PM

    With the modern cultural development in the society more and more elderly people started moving to retirement centers, instead of living with their grown up children. This helps parents to enjoy their retirement phase and give a fair chance to children to stand out on their own feet.

    Admittedly, due to this decision of elderly people give them a chance to open up more and more and live freely without being dependent on their adult pupils. In addition to that, they could easily connect and engage with other people of the same age group, not only this but they are able to share their emotions with others. Regular entertainment and physical activities in these homes gives them an opportunity to be active and outspoken which in turn keeps them healthy and fit.

    In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, better health care facilities available at these retirement communities makes them the most sought-after place especially for the people above 60. On the other hand, the only negative aspect of this migration is that grandchildren get deprived from their grandparents’ love but this can be taken care of if they both visit each other on a regular basis.

    In conclusion, I believe this is a positive development as now children get space to prove themselves and stand out strong in life whereas parents get time to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying their retirement phase of life.

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