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  • Omer

    January 7, 2022 at 10:02 AM

    It is becoming more common in the older generation to choose to live in retirement communities with the same age group people than living with their adult children. This in a way helping them to be more independent than being with their kids. I strongly believe that this is a positive change in our societies.

    While it is important to be a part of a joint family and raise kids and grand kids together, it is equally demanding for a person to maintain his Individuality. It is the freedom of thoughts and speech that gives a person ultimate satisfaction than anything else. Parents after raising their kids for almost part of their lives are no different to it. In order to explore life and mingle with the right age group people, the retirement homes are the best place. They can share their ideas, try out new things in life and follow their unfulfilled dreams.

    Now a days, adapting in a macro family is getting more difficult when it comes to cost of living especially in the metro cities. Smaller homes are easy to locate and this has raised to the micro families which in-turn lead to the booming urban culture. It is technically getting difficult for parents to stay with their grown-up children. To give an example of my own family, we are three siblings and all are living separately.

    To conclude, it is less surprising to see many elderly people moving away from their children and choosing to stay in the retirement homes. This gives them a free will to lead their lives and follow their dreams.

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