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  • kartik

    January 12, 2022 at 1:59 PM

    Bloodsports have been a huge point of debate and are subject to a lot of criticism ,especially from wildlife enthusiasts.These activities are immensely cruel and have been a major cause of animal atrocity in the modern world. I am a huge proponent of banning bloodsports and would be highlighting some of the reasons to supplement this case.

    Bloodsports involve activities such as hunting, fishing, and dogfighting. Historically, these originated during the medieval times when traditional sports were not popular amongst the masses.
    In today’s world ,these sports have been known to kill more than 1 million animals per year. Since these involve training animals rigorously, it is a necessity for them to be put under medications, to enhance performance during competitions. Moreover, most of these sports do not come under any regulation from any authority, causing widespread exploitation of animals. Wildlife conservationists believe that this has been a major cause of animal trafficking. In a report published by PETA, it was found that the world has lost about 40% of animal species ,that existed in the 20th century, with about 15% being birds, fishes, and dogs. Thus, it is pivotal that these sports are banned from modern society.

    To conclude, It is clear that while these sports are a mere form of entertainment for some, it has been an unpunished crime that has been continuing for decades. Governments across the world should work , along with wildlife experts to ensure that these sports are abolished and animal lives are given equal emphasis as humans.

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