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  • shivam

    January 12, 2022 at 3:18 PM

    It is barbaric that the human kind are exploiting creatures for their pleasure and earning money through blood sports, which causes pain and death to animals. It should be forbidden, by taking steps by the government and public at the earliest.

    Since ages, in many cultures humans are harming animals for pleasure, like example Spain, Portugal are known for bull fighting in their cultures, In Latin America also dog fights are quite common. People are betting on these animals’s life which is brutal to animals taking their life.

    Some people are doing business by blood sport, they telecast through websites on internet, and earning profit through it.

    Blood sport cruelty should be forbidden by the government by making laws and punishing people who are earning and using animals for entertainment purposes. Any kind of activity apart from blood sport which is harming animals in any way should be banned. For example, in Spain many amendments were passed in country during 2011 to stop bull fighting blood sport culture.

    To summarise, I would say that doing violence with animals does not make us human, and it is inhumane of us to treat animals with cruelty for pleasure purposes.

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