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  • sriranjini

    January 14, 2022 at 7:07 AM

    Traffic Jam is one of the most profound issues faced by every metropolitan city. Traffic jams mostly occur during major roads or right near big malls, theatres, bus stands and railway stations. It is crowded by vehicles on major roads that many people use to travel to work or school.

    Now what is the main reason behind a traffic jam? Though we are living in a major city where all facilities are provided, still the roads are very much broken and damaged. Most of the roads connecting to major places are destroyed by weather or by car accidents. The solution for reducing traffic jam is taking Public Transportation. Usage of Public transportation is efficient, reliable and at times faster than personal vehicles. It is economical and provides discounts for senior citizens and students. People can save a lot by eliminating the need to pay for parking, car insurance and not to mention gasoline.

    The other cause for hold-up of vehicles is people’s hesitation to use Buses and Trains. For example , I noticed the other day that most of the people who used big cars such as Sumo, Nexon and i20 had only only person travelling in it. For an Individual person, taking a bus would be much more appropriate. On the other hand every car only had a single person taking it. This seems to be waste of energy, money and this mindset leads to traffic jam. The government should encourage people to take public transportation. The government should provide necessary amenities in buses and trains . Furthermore it should increase the number and frequency of the rides so as to make it less crowded and more comfortable.

    To summarize, the main causes for traffic jams are roads in bad condition and people’s hesitation towards Public transportation. Therefore if everyone starts to take Public transport, the traffic will reduce to a great extent.

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