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  • shivam

    January 14, 2022 at 1:51 PM

    The line graph demonstrates number of goods in million tonnes transported in the UK during years 1974-2002 through 4 distinct ways road, water, rail, and pipeline.

    In all transport, road is the most operated means of transport which had rapid increase during 1994-2000 reaching around 95 million tonnes starting from 70 million tonnes. After road, water, >then rail,>then pipeline are the most chosen one. Water and pipeline passage increased sharply during 1974-1982 however; there was not a consistent growth of both the passages during 1982-1994. Water transport increased from 38 to 62 million tonnes. Rail transport usage got gradually increased from 1994-2002 going from 30 to 41 million tonnes.

    After 1978 there was a gradual decrease in the road transport till 1982 from 75 to 65 million tonnes. In water ways there was a sharp decrease during 1994-1998 from 58 to 45 million tonnes. In rail ways there was twice decrement during 1978-1986 then from 1990-1994. In pipeline, which is the least chosen in all 4 transports got a decrement in 1990-1994 from 25 to 20 million tonnes.

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