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  • Maninder

    January 19, 2022 at 8:58 PM

    The Constitution of every countries empowers governments to impose rigorous punishment like longer prison sentences for habitual offenders or for serious crimes. Some people feel that longer sentences are the only option to create fear amongst offenders, which would result in a reduction in crime. On the other hand, some belief, there are other alternatives that can be opted for reducing the crime. In the succeeding paragraph, I have given detailed reasons in relation to both views.

    First of all the fear of longer prison or rigorous punishment has a negative correlation with a particular type of crime. A number of cases of crime, where the punishment of longer prison is given as per law are less in comparison to where no strict punishment is there. For Eg:- Number of cases of killing someone in comparison to the theft cases is very less.

    Secondly, there are so many moral ways one can opt for reducing the crimes like- quality education, counseling session, and social awareness meetings. Increasing the prison period will temporarily halt the problem, however increasing the standard of living of society will guide multiple generations for not indulging in crime. For Eg- Sentences for murder cases are 20 years and after that, the same person will be involved in the same kind of activities. On the other hand, if he in the first instance not involved in this due to awareness it will reduce the crime significantly.

    To conclude, i strongly agree with the view that multiple available options should be adopted to reduce crime rather than increase prison time.

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