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  • Sakshi

    January 21, 2022 at 8:02 PM

    Some people argue that it is every citizen’s responsibility to protect our environment, while others say it is the government’s call to take necessary actions. While the rules and regulations implemented by the authorities are important for the preservation of nature, I believe if every human being comes together in this great cause then it is easily achievable.

    On the one hand, imposing strict laws by the ministry to conserve our habitat is significant because they are the leaders of the nation and that’s why it is their foremost responsibility to take actions by imposing fines for the ones who are destroying our environment, making special communities who will take care of nature. For instance, whenever in my locality if someone tries to cut trees for building houses these groups show up and charge them heavy duties.

    On the other hand, a considerable amount of people believe every individual should oversee their surroundings and take charge of that. This definitely makes the task more achievable as when people unite and take care of their mother nature together then it can easily safeguard our territory. For this, they can plant more trees around their homes, and also make the place neat and clean or the minimum they can do is to just stand by the law. For example, as a responsible person living on this planet, I have installed solar panels on my rooftop.

    To conclude, Although everyone including the law makers as well as common people all are equally answerable for environmental conditions in the society, but I believe as a responsible resident of this universe it is our duty to look after our nature.

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