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  • Sujay

    January 23, 2022 at 9:54 AM

    International tourism, a bullish industry in modern times has undoubtedly benefited countries and its people. However it does have certain disadvantages which may outweigh the prosperity that it had created. This essay will discuss and assess if the disadvantages really outweigh the advantages it has created

    On the bright side, tourism has definitely invited more focus on the infrastructure development of the localities which were otherwise not focused much on. Considering the revenue this industry has generated, the authorities have realized the need for uplifting the facilities such as quality roads, public transportation, un-interrupted power supply and other needs of the travelers. For instance, a recent study shows that spike in number of tourists visiting Masinagudi village in remote Tamilnadu has brought in the govt’s attention to announce new infrastructure schemes to build roads and continuous power supply to support tourism

    On the darker side, increase in tourism has caused over-usage of natural resources and has spiked up the pollution levels massively. Growing demand has caused depletion of natural resources such as ground water levels in the region has inflated the cost of living for the local population. For example, surge in no of tourists in Hampi area of Karnataka has depleted the ground water level which in-turn has created a need to transport water from other parts of the state, the cost of which is borne by the local community through introduction of a new water tax

    To conclude, despite the disadvantages the industry has brought, I strongly believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages looking at the upbringing of the infrastructure and the stability it has brought to the region.

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