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  • Sakshi

    January 27, 2022 at 10:39 AM

    It is argued that including money related courses in the curriculum at high school would result in a successful career as it is a great life lesson. I totally agree with this believe, as financial literacy is significant at every age to plan for a ravishing life.

    To commence with, Budgeting classes in school is very crucial as its consequences on toddlers could either be positive or negative. However, although it has some downsides like children may become money minded which will spoil their innocence, still it is more beneficial with proper guidance because it will help youngsters to realize the importance of funds. Another striking benefit is that they won’t struggle with money in future as they would have an idea how to earn, keep and save money. By doing so, they would be able to enjoy and earn at the same time. These days we have seen many adolescents are earning in millions every year by investing in stocks and equity funds.

    Probing ahead, investment courses specially at this age level not only give substantial boost to their dreams, but would also encourage them to stick to them. Moreover, In this way they can help their parents in managing overall house expenses. For instance, my younger brother has these types of vocational courses at school and now he actually advises us on how not to spend extra on something.

    To conclude, I strongly believe mandatory financial planning classes would help young adults to plan for every stage of life from juvenile to retirement.

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