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  • Ohmkar

    February 6, 2022 at 6:23 PM

    The bar graph depicts that there is a investment of capital on snacks by various economic groups which Are distributed at remarkable portions in the graph. these items are mainly consumed by the high, low, Average income groups in the uk.

    There is a exponential growth of consumption of hamburger among high and average income groups Which stood at first in the chart. later the consumption of fish and chips stood second position among Average and low income groups. then the consumption of pizza took third position among high and Average income groups.

    All around the consumption of hamburger is at 47% with the High income groups is at high when Compared to average income people, low income people and people with medium salaries eats fish and Chips more which is quite high among others.

    While average economic groups consume hamburger 33% more than low economic groups who Contribute only 14%. There is almost equal contribution with high paid and low paid people in Consumption of fish and chips.

    however, people who get low salaries have pizza least at 7% when compared to average income people At 12% and high income people at 18%.

    Hamburgers are more prior to high income and average income people while pizza is a least option for all the three economic groups.

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