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  • Ohmkar

    February 7, 2022 at 11:18 PM

    danger bells are ringing continuously on growing population of oldsters across the globe. Might be revolution in medicine or people-friendly government decisions led people to be in more comfort zone to live more than ever before. Due to this there is a lots of burden on shoulders of government of every country challenging their economic , social , finance, medical standards . even then some shot of control measures could be implemented as a trail run

    As par senior citizens are concern . Government has to review its medical and economic policy every year and has allocate separate budget for them . Growing population of veterans effects the gross domestic product of a countries. per capita income spent on every oldsters by a country will be off exhaust . every time government has to look for a caretaker or provide a oldage homes or pensions for them. When a situation like rescission occurs means, this can leads to collapse in economy of a country.

    For to avoid this situation. Governments should review their policy on retirement age in public and private sectors. it should provide super numeric seats for experts in them in their respective domain so as to have people friendly policy. providing pension scheme at early 60’s and promoting self help groups among them and providing them ease of doing business with small loans. provision of volunteer service retirement . giving age-relaxation for applying jobs and continue their studies could enhance positive factor.

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