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  • Priya

    February 8, 2022 at 9:04 PM

    The picture shows us the development of the village “Reymouth”, over a period a period of 26 years from the year 1995 till date on the urban properties and basic amenities for the people living in the region.

    Overall, we could infer that the village has been transformed to a city with the establishment of commercial properties like restaurants, café, golf and tennis courts and a plenty of housing properties for the people living in the region.

    One advent thing we could understand from the picture is that the surge in manifold of housing and apartment areas in the recent times from that of the year 1995. Several acres of greenery area had been converted to golf and tennis courts for the citizen’s recreation purpose.

    On the other hand, series of shops and fish markets lining behind the sea has been removed and changed to cozy restaurants and sea view apartments facing the sea. Whereas the hotels and café has remained in the same place right from the year 1995. In addition to those, a car parking area has been allocated for the visitor’s convenience to park their vehicles.

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