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  • Vimy

    February 10, 2022 at 2:09 PM

    One of the most controversial issues today relates to whether the high school should make unpaid community service mandatory as part of the programmes. Many parents are of the opinion that it will be beneficial to the students in their overall development and I totally support this view because of several reasons.

    There are quite a few advantages that community service brings to the youngsters. Firstly, it is extremely helpful in developing inter-personal skills and secondly, it will develop a sense of social responsibility among students. The unpaid social work will make them understand the societal problems in more natural way with no personal gains. It will encourage students to become a better person who will be more understanding, rational thinker, positive in their approach. Besides this, it also plays an important role in their studies and job opportunities because working from early age help them to develop their communication skills with others and the skills to resolve their issues which could be an added in their resumes. For example, various schools have introduced go green programme where students were given responsibility to plant trees not just in schools but all around their community, would spread environmental awareness. Also providing medical aid to needy and poor person, teaching sports to teenagers and some charity work are some other activities which should be enhanced and help them grow.

    Moreover, it will also develop a healthy environment when more of these activities are performed. This way, it gives children or students a progressive society, creating positivity in their minds, make them aware about the realities of life which will expand their knowledge, improvement in personalities of students, also it’s a good way of introducing skilled and smart individuals to community. Thus community service bring forth a healthy and prosperous environment.

    In conclusion, I think that community service should be implemented in the high school programmes.

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