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  • Ohmkar

    February 10, 2022 at 6:03 PM

    As we knew that oxygen is most essential for a human to live on this earth , same like imparting a character in every child Is also Important . So as to be a good citizen in this society. It is only obtained through by giving social service or concern to the society, its also known as humanity. i totally agree with the statement that unpaid community service should be the part of high school programs then only every Individual knows the value of life and the society. Otherwise, every human believes that he can obtain any thing through the means of money or crime and there will be no question of realization on facts.

    humans are social beings and are need to satisfy their body biologically ,psychologically , cognitive and socially as per psychology of human brain . Many developed countries like Japan , China had made voluntary services a mandatory in student curriculum. They are providing weightage for it in medical and engineering entrance exam .

    For instance, if we take unpaid community service like first aid means , it is initially started as a voluntary service in iraq as when earth quake disaster occurred in it in 19th century . it served there thousands of people without any fee and saved so many lives. Now it grew up big and giving services internationally in hospitals . Every student must and should should acquire knowledge of it otherwise when a dog or snake bite a student means he should know how to respond on it quickly or at least his fellow members.

    A person can take lots of oxygen as much as he can through the lungs by doing exercise ,so as to get rid from stress in academies . Simply sitting ideal at class for hours can leads to anxiety problems and are prone to abuse medicines. For this he/she must should play on ground under sun for at least 1 hour . Such that his body observes vitamin D and boosts his immunity . Due to rapid urbanization, we are prone to air borne diseases for to get rid from this children should plant trees and realize their bondage with nature. As we knew that elders doesn’t find any time to do the plantation of trees that’s why government should work with Ngo’s so to plant trees with children and should provide some weightage marks for their activity.

    As a conclusion, every student should feel the value of life rather than working like a robot for just sake of getting money. A human should satisfy his body psychologically by mingling with others and can share his emotions, biologically through playing outdoor games. cognitively through reading books. socially by understating that at any time he need help from others as per sigmon freud theory in psychology.

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