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    February 14, 2022 at 12:33 PM

    Many contractors and industries demand to wear uniform from their respective staff. This essay will go through advantages like for safety purpose, equality of the workers and disadvantages would be the discomfort of staff and monotonous natures in the industries.

    There are some good points to wear uniform in the companies. Firstly, uniform plays major role towards safety of the employee as safety shoes, gloves, apron are some of the important things when there is on-field work in the industry. For example, there are various accident videos on internet due to unaware of safety measurement and this could lead to serious injury to any working individual. Secondly, if everyone from companies or organizations wear uniform on daily basis, then there will be no high tier or low tier employee and every individual will work in friendly nature. This will eventually leads to great success of companies. For illustrates, there are many industries who noted growth in their company environment after applying uniform rules to all employee.

    However, there are some disadvantages of wearing uniform like staff of the companies can feel discomfort due to safety shoes as the weight of this particular shoes is much more as compared to our regular shoes or uniform will be provided by companies so there can be quality issues and this leads to more discomfort and distract worker from their work. For example, when I joined my first company, I really struggle for many days due to weight of the safety shoes. Moreover, there will be lack of motivation due to monotonous nature in companies. As we all know outfit plays major role in our day to day life to keep ourselves active or fresh whole day.

    To summarize, there are some positive points if companies ask for uniform like employees safety, equality in the workers and there are some drawbacks namely discomfort of worker and monotonous nature in the company.

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