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  • Sudhakar

    February 15, 2022 at 7:37 AM

    Some companies insist their employees to wear the uniform, even though it has certain advantages, it has disadvantages too. In this essay I’m going to examine the advantages and disadvantages in wearing the uniform.

    Firstly, wearing a uniform will show the unity among all employees, which brings the integrity between them. It also designates the brand of the organization or profession. For instance, doctors have attire to represent their profession. Secondly, as it separates the staff and customers, it eases the customers to approach the staff without hesitation. For example, having an uniform in shopping stores make the customers approach staff straightforward for any queries, similarly security organizations will enforce the uniform to clearly identify them.

    However, uniform has certain disadvantages like maintenance, difficult to wear during some seasons, no proper differentiation between different designations among staff. It is effortful to maintain the uniform daily. Moreover, it is painful to wear certain uniforms in some specific seasons. In addition, in some organizations there will be no separation among staff even though there are different designations. There will be no proper distinction between higher and lower designated staff, which ultimately makes them feel not respected as per their designation. For example, in technology companies like (software, electronic companies) there will be staff with different designations to represent the hierarchy, insisting all of them to wear uniform makes no difference among them, which makes them to feel dishonorable.

    To conclude, uniform fits well for some organizations, and does not suit for some other organizations, based on their services and profession.

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