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  • Vimy

    February 15, 2022 at 9:53 PM

    Nowadays, as the globalisation is increasing most of the companies and organisations are coming up with an idea of wearing uniform for their employees or staff members to attract more customers. Thus, introducing the idea of wearing a uniform which may have its advantages as well as disadvantages. We are going to discuss about this in our essay.

    To begin with, there are several advantages of wearing uniform at workplace. Firstly, it would help in creating uniformity and equality among staff members as it won’t promote any discrimination, create a sense of togetherness towards one another and that leads to team building, strengthen unity, which is beneficial for the companies in the long run. Secondly, wearing a uniform helps an organisation promotes its brand through advertisements. As advertising in today’s era plays a crucial role in developing any business and professional work, so, wearing of uniform helps in advertising its name, brand, logo, products, professionalism. For instance, wearing formal clothes in the combination of blue and black for all the employees would inevitably create a good impression on customers and shows professionalism. Consequently, it promotes company’s name and create a goodwill. Thus, wearing a uniform helps in growth of an organisations.

    However, there are several drawbacks also, the two most prominent reasons are boredom and uneasiness. Employees wearing the same clothes everyday will be boring, which will create an environment of the boredom whereas some companies or organisation provides uniform at cheaper rates to minimise it expense on the costing of uniform which impacts the employees comfortableness and they won’t like wearing it and that affects the efficiency of employees.

    By concluding it, we can say there are some advantages of wearing of uniform on the grounds of equality and advertisement while there are some disadvantages which includes boredom and uneasiness.

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