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  • Priya

    February 16, 2022 at 11:12 PM

    In the current world, different people have contrast of opinion on children’s development via outdoor activities and computer game. This essay will touch upon most beneficial way that children like to indulge in.

    In the recent times, children are swayed to the advent of computer games and online games that keeps them busy all the time. When it comes to computers games it’s like both sides of a coin, which has both positive and negative side. The positive aspect of them is that there are manifold of mind games and puzzle games that really helps in nurturing their mental ability and thinking level, whereas there are few others that has led to abysmal effect in their performance in both academics and non-academics side and they are also susceptible to serious health issues when they get addicted to it.

    On the other hand, the outdoor activities have lot of benefits that help children in fostering innovative ideas and improvement in mental health. Outdoor physical activity games like tennis , badminton and lot more when practiced everyday will definitely help in bringing conducive environment for maintaining good health and staying fit . It’s the responsibility of the parents to condone their children from getting involved in online gaming and rather encourage them to get indulged in physical activities which will eventually prevent them from getting affected from diseases at the very young age.

    Considering all the above pros and cons, outdoor activities will definitely enthral children’s attention when encouraged by the parents to a larger extent.

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