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  • Bhargav

    February 17, 2022 at 8:00 AM

    groups and organisations are enforcing their employees to put on a uniform. is this beneficial for the organisation or worker is a debating topic, however right here, i will describe a number of my views concerning this subject matter either they’re in favour or in opposite opinion of this view.

    one of the many Advantages is that carrying a uniform can distinguish personnel from unique companies and organizations, so we are able to know which company or agency the worker uniform represents . every other precise issue approximately sporting a uniform is that it could decorate the branding of agencies and the names of groups that are known to most people. In addition, wearing a uniform at work will reduce distractions and increase productivity. Often, people do not feel interested in looking at clothes like theirs, so they do not interfere with their work and may work hard. Last but not least, that wearing a uniform will help those people who are not able to choose what clothes to wear in their workplace.

    Despite the advantages mentioned above, there are disadvantages. First, it is very difficult for an employee to wear the same outfit over and over again, each getting bored and trying to avoid being uniform. This affects their performance at work. Second, a man wearing a uniform if he has a problem with certain clothes like cotton, is always upset and tries to avoid it. For one thing, he is constantly worried about their valuables stored in their clothes and eventually partially works out the damage that results in reduced productivity.

    In conclusion, it is true that many companies and organisations make their employees wear uniforms. It has some advantages and disadvantages for both companies and employees, but in my opinion, it has more positive points than negative ones, and I would encourage more companies to give their employees uniforms.

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